Helicopter Rides vs Hot Air Balloon Rides

The pros and cons of Sonoma County helicopter rides vs hot air balloon rides

When it comes to aerial tours, there are a few options to choose from. Hot air balloon rides and helicopter tours provide similar experiences, however they have some key differences. A hot air balloon ride can provide a peaceful, romantic, and relaxing experience, however they can be chilly and slow moving. Helicopter rides can be more exhilarating and you can see more in a shorter period of time. Both options provide beautiful views of Sonoma County’s unique landscape, however a helicopter tour can allow you more freedom of route at a much faster cruising speed.

Here at Helico, we can show you all the beautiful views of the wine county: from the ancient redwoods to the bodega bay coast, the rolling vineyards, steep mountains, rivers, and lakes. If you want to take pictures, our helicopters have controlled speeds and the ability to drop low or fly high. The windows in the helicopter are wide enough to provide superb viewing and professional photos. A helicopter tour can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Whether you choose a hot air ballon ride or a helicopter tour, seeing Sonoma County from the air is the best way to get a glimpse of the famously beautiful region as a whole. Come fly with us and make the best of your aerial tour.

Hot-air Balloon Tours

Pros: Quiet, relaxing, romantic, and a peaceful experience. Beautiful views, and sensation of flying far above the ground, and the thrill exposure.

Cons: Getting up early. Cold air in the morning.  Slow moving and not as agile. Trip routes may be limited.

Cost: $250-$350 per person.

Helicopter Tours

Pros: Adventurous, exciting, and romantic. Gorgeous views up high above Sonoma County. An excellent way to enjoy a bird’s eye view of nature. Controlled speed and levels. No need to wake up at the crack of dawn. Perfect for photo opportunities. Pilots have more control over the rides, making your tour more flexible. Faster cruising speed enables more viewing opportunities.

Cons: Can be loud in the cabin, but headsets or ear plugs can be provided. Choices of seat may be limited since seating in the helicopter is arranged by weight and balance.

Cost: $250-$630 per ride.

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