Oakland Helicopter Charters

Arrive quickly in style - We serve the helicopter needs of Oakland and the greater Bay Area. Travel above the traffic - book a helicopter charter with Helico. SCHEDULE A CHARTER FLIGHT: (415) 523-0600

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Luxury helicopter charter flights for business and pleasure

Getting around the Bay Area is tough for anyone no matter how busy you are! Let Helico Oakland help you plan your next luxury Bay Area Charter. Helico Oakland can help you plan trips all throughout Northern California, with option for further distance if needed. We can create custom charters for your needs with flexibility on pickup and drop off locations. Our pilots are FAA certified and professional so you can be sure we will provide an enjoyable and efficient trip!

Get there faster, and in style

Boasting two international airports, Oakland and San Francisco, the Bay Area has hundreds of flights landing every hour of every day. Commuting from airport to airport for a transfer is made easier with Helico Oakland. Don’t worry about missing a connecting flight at another airport, either domestic or international, when using Helico Oakland to travel. Why spend time in traffic and risk missing important events when you can skip the headache of car accidents and weather delays? Helico Oakland can help you get to where you want to be, every time.

Sonoma County Helicopter Tours

Schedule a tour for an aerial view of the East Bay, Oakland, and the greater Bay Area

Why waste time commuting in traffic from site to site in the Bay Area when you can take a chartered helicopter ride with Helico Oakland? Take in the sights from above. Whether you’re visiting the Bay Area or have lived in the area and want to plan a fun time with friends, Helico Oakland can deliver. Our specialists can help you develop an itinerary that is sure to impress everyone in your group. We can customize all the locations you want to see and ensure there is enough time to enjoy each one. There is no experience like seeing a city from above. There’s no stress from traffic or accidents as you glide over the horizon and admire the cityscape from afar. Relax in the comfort of your own private cabin without the hassle of traveling with the stress of traffic.

Custom charter flights on demand

Suprise your loved one with a romantic tour from above. Let Helico Oakland help you surprise your significant other with a tour above the clouds at sunset. Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or just because; let us help you plan an unforgettable experience. Our pilots are FAA certified so you can rest assured when planning your trip, that you and your loved one will be in highly skilled hands. Call today to find out why Helico Oakland offers a better experience!

Helico San Francisco provides custom helicopter charters for all your needs. Call us for on demand helicopter charters at competitive rates – you will not be disappointed.

To book a Oakland luxury helicopter charter, call us at (415) 523-0600, or fill out the contact form below: