Flight School







     Helico Sonoma is an FAA approved part 61 Helicopter Flight School that specializes in training rotary wing aviators for real world situations. Many schools base curriculum on the minimum FAA standards to earn a certificate. Our dedicated team of professional instructors feel that pilots deserve training that takes them above and beyond the minimum standards of performance. Whether you graduate our program as a private pilot or certified flight instructor, we ensure that you will be well prepared for the situations you will face. Scroll through the slides to learn more about our courses.

Private Pilot







     This is where anyone who is serious about learning to fly begins their journey. Your primary flight instructor will guide you every step of the way through your personalized training, establishing a rock solid foundation that will remain no matter where you choose to fly. As you progress, our other instructors will step in and provide assessments of knowledge and flying skills in order to provide you with a well rounded non-biased training experience that leaves you feeling confident for your practical exam.

Commercial Pilot








     Are you ready to pursue an exciting career as a helicopter pilot? The beauty of our industry lies in the diverse range of career opportunities available, which can be credited to the versatile nature of the machines we fly. From tours flown over glaciers in Alaska to saving lives in the Emergency Medical Services field, there is someone for anyone who enjoys a challenge.


Certified Flight Instructor








     In the private sector, many professional helicopter pilots make their start as certified flight instructors. It may seem counter intuitive, but newcomers to the industry best hone their skills by teaching others. Beyond the development of your left-seat flying ability, our course takes you in depth through the fundamentals of instruction. We aim to place you on a successful path as a flight instructor with skills that remain long after you make the transition to your first big job.


External Load







     Vertical reference stands as one of the most difficult and demanding skills to master. Our long line instructor Paul Bradley has thousands of hours performing real world long line missions, and is ready to take your abilities to the next level. We provide initial and advanced external load training for those who really want to make their resume stand out from the rest.

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