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About our school:

We know there are several schools in the Bay Area from which to chose for helicopter pilot training. We are honored that you are considering us. We have developed an effective and proven program for getting you through training as quickly as possible. Some schools near us may offer slightly lower hourly prices for training or promises of getting you through pilot training in an accelerated fashion. Fly with any other school for an hour and then come fly with us for an hour and the differences will be apparent!

Our helicopters:

We are a FAA part 61 flight school, training with Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters. We currently offer training for the private pilot helicopter rating, commercial pilot rating and CFI rating. Our R44 Raven II is fully equipped for instrument training which we will be offering soon.  We are also equipped for and offer longline/vertical reference training.

Our instructors:

We are highly organized, courteous, and available (two instructors on staff) to fly anytime of day, seven days a week. We charge the industry standard instructor/aircraft rate for the area for good reason… we run well maintained aircraft that keep you as safe as possible. Helicopter maintenance and FAA maintenance regulation compliance isn’t cheap and we don’t cut corners. We are interested in helping you meet your goals in an efficient and safe manner.

Instructor fees:

Our rate for instructor + R22 training is $320/hour.

“Very friendly, courteous and professional staff! They are all very dedicated to their customers and students. Had an awesome time on my flight. No place beats Wine Country when it comes to flying”

James H

“Really appreciated your relaxed professionalism and spirited conversation from the moment we arrived until returning to terra firma.”

Dan & Janet

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