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Don’t let Bay Area traffic lead to costly delays. We offer full service to San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose International and many other airports. Landing on private property is also available upon request.

Our goal is to always provide you with professional service, safety, and an unforgettable experience.

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Flight Instruction

Helico Sonoma is a FAA approved part 61 Helicopter Flight School that specializes in training rotary wing aviators for real world situations. Many schools base curriculum on the minimum FAA standards to earn a certificate. Our dedicated team of professional instructors feel that pilots deserve training that takes them above and beyond the minimum standards of performance. Whether you graduate our program as a private pilot or certified flight instructor, we ensure that you will be well prepared.

Estimated Program Costs

Please note the below prices are based on FAA minimums. It takes 60-80 hours on average to earn a private pilot certificate. CFI students often graduate with 200 flight hours or more. Please call if you have questions or to discuss program options.

Private Pilot

  • FAA Minimum 30 Flight Hours – $9,600 @ $320 / hr (R22)
  • Solo Flight, 10 hours : $2,650 / $265 / hr
  • Ground training, 20 hours – $1,100 @ $55 / hr
  • Books and Supplies – $200
  • FAA Written Test – $150
  • FAA Practical Exam – $850

Total Estimated: $14,550

Commercial Pilot

  • FAA Minimum 105 Flight Hours – $33,600 @ $320 / hr (R22)
  • Simulated instrument training, 5 hours – $2,500 @ $500 / hr (R44)
  • Books and Supplies – $100
  • FAA Written Test – $150
  • FAA Practical Exam – $850

Total Estimated: $37,950

Certified Flight Instructor

  • Estimated 20 hours – $6,400 @ $320/ hr (R22)
  • Books and Supplies – $100
  • FAA Written Tests – $300
  • FAA Practical Exam – $1,200

Total Estimated: $8,000

Commercial Operations

We have a Solution for your Commercial Needs

Helico Sonoma is a Part 135 and 133 FAA certificated operator with a team of experienced pilots dedicated to meet your demands. If you need a service that is not listed here, call today to discuss how we can assist you. We fly with safety and the client always in the forefront of our mind. From Lidar survey to frost protection, an expeditious mission completed in a timely manner is what we strive to accomplish every time we turn the blades.